Shashidhar Reddy Muppidi

Founder & Managing Director

Shashidhar Reddy Muppidi comes with 16+ years experince working in C-level executive positions in various organizations worldwide. He holds extreme passions towards Business Innovations in B2B and B2C markets, which develops strong foundation and enduring mission to build new businesses, markets and service models; As founder of Muyum Milk foods Pvt Ltd and continues to oversee the company’s product strategy — including the design, engineering and manufacturing. As Product Architect, he helped design the ground-breaking solutions, for end to end which bridged the gap between current cookies industry with health varients and led the creation of a new green tea patent pending cookies. Prior to this Mr. Shashi has led numerous business transformation and high growth initiatives resulting in significant measurable gains in performance, profitability and competitiveness. Creative and analytical forward thinker, leading solutions to create positive organizational change with a proven capability to build, lead and motivate strong result-oriented teams across the globe. Thrive on creating brand fame, and making an amazing difference in the face of any challenge with a passion and determination to deliver that is contagious.

Sriharsha Valiveti

Cofounder and Chief Operating Officer

Sriharsha Valiveti comes with a 13 Years of experience in working in multiple projects in different positions in various organizations across USA. He is greatly enthusiastic towards innovation and work towards implementing them in a productive way which helps lay a new prospect towards research and development. Prior to this Mr. Sriharsha holds a Master’s degree in Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering from USA and led numerous development and implementation projects resulting in productive and innovative solutions to the organizations. His work mostly deals with Design and Automation, Cost Saving, providing Creative and Analytical Solutions and process improvements. His thoughts and implementations provide capability to build, lead and motivate strong result-oriented teams across the organization.

Rajeshwar Sharma Joshi

Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer

Rajeshwar Sharma Joshi is a visionary thought leader, corporate executive and board level business strategy expert who brings immense amount of experience in Retail Industry, Sales & Marketing, Brand Engagement, Strategic Planning etc. He possesses a remarkable cachet of authority, mentorship and brand intelligence. He is widely respected as an expert in Retail space, General market and institutions and He holds extreme passions towards Business Innovations in B2B and B2C markets.

Balaji Sreenivasan

Co – founder

Balaji Sreenivasan Comes with 25 plus years of experience, working in CXO Level Position in Organizations across the globe , having techno global commercial skill brings extra value to his customers.

Forward-thinking Leader who innovates products 3 years from now. A strategic leader with charisma and growth-oriented mind-set have strong process and people skills. Motivator, mentor and embrace sustainability.